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Celebrating Community: Schwarber's Neighborhood Heroes Block Party and Field Day

Updated: Jun 24

This week marked an incredible celebration of community spirit and support as Schwarber's Neighborhood Heroes (SNH) hosted their annual Block Party at Yards Brewing Company (June 19th, 2024) and Feild Day at Citizens Bank Park (June 20th, 2024). These events were not only fun-filled gatherings but also heartwarming testaments to the power of collective effort and charitable support. Among the many non-profit organizations, Families Behind the Badge Children’s Foundation (FBBCF) stood out as a proud partner and recipient of SNH's generous support.

A Block Party to Remember

The Block Party at Yards Brewing Company was a vibrant affair, bringing together families, friends, and community members for a day of enjoyment and unity. The support from SNH was particularly humbling for FBBCF, as it reinforces our mission to provide essential assistance and resources to the families of first responders.

Field Day Fun at Citizens Bank Park

Following the success of the Block Party, Kyle Schwarber took his well-deserved day off to continue his tradition of giving back to the community. He hosted a special Field Day event at Citizens Bank Park. This event was a dream come true for many kids who got the chance to experience the thrill of being on a major league baseball field.

The Field Day was packed with exciting activities – kids ran the bases, visited the dugout, and even got to throw in the bullpen. The highlight for many was the opportunity to meet Kyle Schwarber in person. Kyle, with his characteristic warmth and generosity, took the time to engage with each attendee, talking with them, taking photos, and signing autographs. His personal interaction with the families underscored his genuine commitment to supporting and uplifting the community.

A Shared Mission of Support

The partnership between Schwarber's Neighborhood Heroes and Families Behind the Badge Children’s Foundation is a shining example of how collaborative efforts can make a significant difference. The support from SNH enables us to further our mission of helping the families of first responders, ensuring they receive the support and resources they need.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Kyle Schwarber, Schwarber's Neighborhood Heroes, and all the attendees and supporters of these events. Your participation and generosity are what make our community stronger and more resilient. Together, we can continue to honor and support the heroes among us.

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