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The 37th Annual Ben to the Shore Bike Tour
July 21, 2024


Route Safety


The continued growth of our ride requires your help to make sure that all of our riders get to Atlantic City safely. In order to help us continue our long-standing safety record, please click on the link for Route Safety Tips.


(Link to Route Safety Printable PDF) - Wayne’s info

Bike Safety


It is important for your bike to be in good working order for the ride, which is why we implement a mandatory bike safety check to participate. Having a bike that is in proper shape will help make the ride easier for you and help to ensure the safety of yourself and other riders around you.

Below on This Link for Our Certified Bike Shops.


These certified bike shops will visually inspect your bike for any problems and suggest repairs. You are also welcome to visit any bike local bike shop outside of the list below. Please read below for further details.


Certified Bike Shops

Bring your bike to one of our certified bike shops listed below for a free bike safety check. They will visually inspect your bike for any problems and suggest repairs. Some bike shops offer discounts on repairs, which are listed below.


After your bike passes inspection, the certified bike shop will give you a Ben to The Shore Bike Certification Band which must be wrapped around your bike the day of the ride.

If your bike shop isn't listed, please bring this form to your shop of choice, ask them to follow the checklist, and sign the form stating that your bike is in good working order. Non-certified shops do not have our bike certification bands so bring your signed form to bib pickup and we will give you your certification band.

The bike certification band will allow you to access our complimentary bike services along the route and will give you priority should any issues occur. If you do not have your certification band, you risk potential charges from our bike shops on the route and being moved to the back of the line while those with the certification are helped first.



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