Please consider supporting my 65-mile ride in the 32nd Annual The Ben to Shore Bike Tour on July 28. 

I’m riding especially in honor of my late grandfather, Detective Thomas Patrick Conaty, Wilmington (Del.) Police Department. Detective Conaty was killed in the line of duty on Christmas night in 1946. End of Watch: 12/26/1946.
Detective Conaty was survived by my grandmother and their three very young boys. Their oldest son, my dad, was just five years old when his dad was tragically taken from our family. My grandfather was shot and killed while serving bravely in the line of duty. My grandmother was left widowed in her late twenties with three young boys to raise.

Even though it did not exist yet when this tragedy struck our family, this great fundraising ride supports an organization that hits home and is highly meaningful for me and our family. 

I’m also honored and humbled to ride in support of the greater law enforcement family and the communities we serve.

 Thank you for your consideration. 

—Matthias Conaty

This material represents the opinion of the author and not necessarily those of the Office of Attorney General.


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