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What's Your 65?

Inspired by the 33rd Annual The Ben to The Shore Bike Tour going virtual, we're challenging you to do 65 of something to raise money for the Families Behind the Badge Children's Foundation. From eating 65 donuts to doing 65 boot camp classes to playing 65 rounds of tennis, the possibilities are endless. Now, we just need to know What's Your 65?


Signing up is easy and there are absolutely no commitments. 
1. Click Create a Page
2. Enter your Campaign Title - ex. Dave Does 65 Boot Camp Classes
3. Customize your URL - ex. DaveDoes65
4. Enter your Fundraising Goal 
5. Enter your personal information
6. Then you're all set to start sharing your campaign. You can email or text your personalized URL to your friends and family, and even connect it right to your Facebook page to start asking for donations.


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