This year we are offering weekly contests on the Strava app and social media. Winners will receive the prize shown.

Furthest Participant

Margo Eisele - Team 4699 - Kenmore, Washington - 2,830 miles from Philadelphia!

Strava Contests

Participants must join our Strava Club, be registered for the virtual event and raise at least $70 will qualify for the contests. Participants can only win once.

Winners will receive a $50 gift card to a store of your choice off of this list.

Week - Monday, July 27th - Sunday, August 2nd:

Highest Elevation Gain in Feet - Biking: Billy Farrow 23,251 feet

Week 2 - Monday, August 3rd - Sunday, August 9th:

Longest Run Time in Minutes: Ken Kastelein 9 hours & 59 minutes

Longest Bike Time in Minutes: Kristen Ferraro 18 hours & 50 minutes

Longest Swim Time in Minutes: Ken Laudenslager 4 hours & 14 minutes

Week 3 - Monday, August 10th - Sunday, August 16th:

Longest Bike Ride in Miles: Andy VonFrisch 81.4 miles

Week 4 - Monday, August 17th - Sunday, August 23rd:

Total Distance in Miles: Todd Lewis 265.3

Social Media Contests

All social media contests will be posted in our Facebook Group.

Winners will receive a FBBCF/B2S gift basket.

Thursday, July 30th - Earliest Participant Contest:

Post a picture of your first The Ben to The Shore Bike Tour - oldest picture wins: Anthony DiMauro - Team Cannoli in 1999

Wednesday, August 5th - Best Jersey Contest:

Post a picture of your jersey - most creative jersey wins: Sean Fullerton - 32 Counties Cycling Jersey


Thursday, August 13th - Most Unique Activity Contest

Post a picture of how you're accomplishing your miles - most unique activity wins

Wednesday, August 19th - Most Creative Route Contest

Post a picture of your route - route with the best design wins