About the Virtual Ride

The 33rd Annual The Ben to the Shore Bike Tour: A Month-Long Virtual Event is now over. Running from Sunday, July 26 to Sunday, August 23, 2020, over 1,550 individuals participated from all over the United States, logging over 10,000 miles for our cause.

Thank you to everyone who participated, please check back later for 2021 event details.

Registration Fee Schedule
February 2021: Team Captain Registration Begins - $30
March 2021: General Registration Begins - $30

  • All participants must register and commit to raising at least $70 (this does not include registration fee)
  • Registration includes the ability to sign up individually or create or join a team
  • Upon registration, each participant will automatically receive a customizable fundraising page which will help solicit donations and show their fundraising progress


  • All participants must raise at least $70 to receive a t-shirt and event medal
  • Your fundraising page has a customizable link to share and is the best tool to solicit donations from family and friends 
  • New this year you can connect your fundraising page directly to a Facebook fundraiser - participants who do this on average raise at least $150!
  • Most companies offer matching gifts, remember to remind your donors to make a match request through their company. All matching gifts will count towards your fundraising total but must be received by September 14th to count towards incentive prizes. Some matching gifts can take up to 4 months to receive
  • Participants have from Sunday, July 26th to Sunday, August 23rd to accumulate at least 65 miles in the The Ben to The Shore Bike Tour 2020 Club on the free Strava app. Click here to learn more about how to use the Strava app.
  • Participants do not have to ride a bike - there are also options to log walking, running, yoga, and even surfing!
  • Participants are encouraged to join our Facebook group here to interact with other riders and post about training rides and other bike tour activities 
  • Medals will be mailed to all participants who log over 65 miles in the app or email proof of their participation to [email protected]
Month-Long Activities
  • On Sunday, July 26th we will hold a virtual kick-off event via Facebook Live. Participants are encouraged to do an activity - biking, exercise or do something good for their community
  • We will hold weekly contests including most miles logged, highest fundraiser, longest ride, and a couple of other fun contests to keep riders engaged to our cause
  • A calendar will be made available to riders to outline contests and activities
  • Riders will have the chance to "take over" the FBBCF Facebook page to host live events
  • Teams are encouraged to host culminating mini-ride with their team
  • On Sunday, August 23rd we will host a virtual wrap-up event and, again, participants are encouraged to bike, exercise or do something good for their community 
For more information, email [email protected] or call 215-568-5603.